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“Win the Future”​
Venture Contest for
International Entrepreneurs


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“Win the Future”​Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs

12countries & regions

Contest Overview


Oceania Division


Awards & Rewards

"Win the Future" Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs has been providing a great opportunity for the start-ups to showcase their innovative ideas. It facilitates overseas businesses to tap into Chinese audience and market with expert feedback from Chinese business elites and award to support around 8096 projects. Since 2011, it has attracted 29000 talents from 12 countries and regions.

The Oceania Division attracts high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents or teams in the fields of strategic emerging industries, bio-technologies, advanced manufacturing, AI, data mining and modern service industries; recruits venture investors and senior managers/representatives in renowned venture capitals,

Previous Oceania finales had multi-level prizes ranging from 3000 to 40000 CNY; the global finals held in Suzhou, China each year and its prizes range from 8000 to 80000 CNY. In the historical record of the Oceania Division, some outstanding project teams and individuals have been granted the resources, the supporting facilities, and human resources worth tens of millions of CNY.


Venture Week for International Elites in Suzhou

Gathering Global Wisdom
Creating a Business Paradise

Venture Week for International Elites in Suzhou is an interactive platform for high-level talent introduction, and innovation and entrepreneurship resources that Suzhou Municipal Government is committed to. The series venture events invite keynote universities and corporations, PhDs and post-doctors to come to Suzhou for project docking/negotiation and efficient cooperation and interactive integration. 

      About Suzhou

Suzhou city is in the south-eastern part of Jiangsu Province, is one of the important central cities in the Yangtze River Delta. Located in China's economic epicentre and next to Shanghai, the city is characterized by its large industrial parks, multiple ports, advanced manufacturing infrastructure, and sufficient public and private funding.It is also a famous historical and cultural tourist city in China, which has a history of more than 2,500 years. Suzhou achieve a regional GDP of 2017.05 billion CNY, becoming the first city in Jiangsu and the sixth in China with a GDP exceeding two trillion yuan. It is also the only ordinary prefecture-level city that has been promoted to a two-trillion CNY club.

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Winglong Pty Ltd (Australia) is a proprietary company registered with the Australian Government. Based in Sydney and operating for almost 30 years, Winglong originally gained recognition from the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of P.R of China to bring in Chinese government and large corporation delegations into Australia and New Zealand for training visits and study tours. As the only official co-host of Suzhou's series venture contests, Winglong expanded its local event management capacity and have deeper and more concrete partnership with Australian government agencies, universities, TAFE, community groups, colleges and personal training providers. 

    About Winglong Pty Ltd

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