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2019 "Win the Future" Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs Oceania Finale Result

The final of the 2019 "Win Win" International Maker Competition (Oceanian Division) was successfully held on October 26, 2019 at the Sydney Future Rydges World Plaza Hotel.

Experts in venture capital, entrepreneurial guidance, government support, etc. include Dr. David Guo, Professor Josephine Chow, Mr. Ken Cao, Mr. Curt Shi, and Mr. Brian Zou were invited to be the judge panel.

After the contestants finished the wonderful roadshow, the audience entered the coffee break, and all the judges entered the meeting room to carry out the project evaluation work. In the end, the "BCAL Breast Cancer Early Screening" project won the first prize; the "New Inorganic Powder and Metallic Coating Production Technology" project and the "Latest Progress of Desert Treatment Liquid-Turning the Desert into an Oasis" won the second prize Awards: The "Technology Development and Application Industrialization Based on Environmental Free Radical Detection and Purification" project, "Kwafu Light Guide" project and "Sonictec Wireless Portable Ultrasound" project won the third prize.

Looking forward to the 2020 competition, we will meet more people of insight who have the same dream!

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