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Success! 2021 "Win The Future" Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs (Oceania) Finale

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Since the start of the project audition on March 12, we had received applications from many candidates from Australia and New Zealand from all walks of life. After a careful preliminary evaluation by a domestic expert jury, the top 10 project teams and individuals were selected to advance to the 2021 "Win the Future" Oceania Finale. In addition to the Oceania Division, there are nine other overseas sub-divisions in the same period with our Oceania for the sub-division finals, and the finalists will be recommended to the global finals, the scale of the event is the largest in history. In addition, this year's competition also won many upgrades such as widening of the industry track, increased policy support, and market power blessing. This year’s Oceania sub-region finals will adopt the “Cloud Dialogue” model between Australia and New Zealand players online and Suzhou, and build a “cloud arena” through cross-border “screen-to-screen” online roadshows, and strive for more talent projects through flexible and diverse competitions. Gathering in Suzhou. The finale was completed at 4 pm Sydney time on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 in conjunction with Suzhou Cloud. After nearly three hours of fierce competition, 7 projects finally came to the fore and won the first, second and third prizes. Let's unveil the ranking of the finalists! They are Microgenesis' IVmicroF sperm screening and filtration technology; Qiang Cheng and his Leukocyte adhesion function test (LAFA) blood testing platform; Chao Qin and his Intelligent manufacturing of automobile wheels; Guopeng Zhang and his Object dynamic recognition and tracking system based on structured support vector machine; Jingfeng Xiong and his Prefabricated modular construction and structure monitoring system for sustainable organic buildings based on artificial intelligence integration; Fujin Zhu and his Artificial intelligence-based electronic medical record analysis and precision medical service platform; Zhengze Fu and his Semiconductor gas sensor.

We sincerely hopes that the finalists of the Oceania Division can make persistent efforts to welcome the selection of the global finals and strive to enter the global finals! Let's rock the first prize of the global finals (100,000 CNY)! Enter the Gusu Leading Talents Program and be recognized as Gusu Leading Talents in Innovation and Entrepreneurship!

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